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Important Notice to All Customers and Policyholders

Release date:2022-07-17  
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Due to the severe epidemic situation, according to the Chief Executive's Order No. 119/2022, from 0:00 on 18th July, 2022 to 0:00 on 23rd July, 2022, all companies, entities and venues engaged in industrial and commercial activities will be suspended.


During this period, the insurance companies or insurance intermediaries may not provide the relevant renewal services in time to the policyholder/client as scheduled, or the policyholder/client is unable to reach the insurance companies or insurance intermediaries for renewal matter.


In order to facilitate the Macau SAR Government’s epidemic prevention work and protect the interests of all customers/policyholders, consensus has been reached by all non-life member companies of Macau Insurers’ Association to extend the validity period of the following compulsory insurances to 31st July, 2022. The additional premium will be calculated on pro-rata basis to all customers with extension requirement.


1)    Compulsory Motor Vehicle Third Party Insurance

2)    Employees' Compensation Insurance

3)    Public Liability Insurance relation to the fixing of Propaganda & Public Material

4)    Professional Liability Insurance for Travel Agencies

5)    Compulsory Professional Liability Insurance for Lawyers

6)    Compulsory Professional Liability Insurance for Healthcare Providers

7)    Third Party Liability Insurance for Pleasure Boats


For further enquiries, please contact the insurance companies or insurance intermediaries respectively.


From The Macau Insurers’ Association

17th July 2022